male Dhampir rogue


Rogue lvl 1
Dhampir – Dayborn

Str 14
Con 10
Dex 20
Wis 9
Int 16
Chr 18

HP 8

notable items -

- Back pack finely crafted but not magical. Contains two secret pockets
- Carcanet of Detention – 1/day wearer can command the Carcanet to animate into a thick iron chain and ensnare a medium or smaller creature. Reflex DC 15 if failed the creature is entangled and cannot move from its current location for 10 min. hardness 10, hit points 15. Swift action to dismiss
- Studded Leather armor (mw) – carefully fitted for Josu all metal parts are blacked with lacquer and cleverly marred to prevent reflections


Josu spent the first 50 years of his life in a monastery 2 days ride to the east of Tamrivena under the protective tutelage of D’mario, a well traveled and active priest of the local people. The last year he spent in the service of Michael a knight in the order, Lunae Venatores after D’mario had died.

Josu now finds him self discharged from his service to Michael for failing all of the Orders’ tests and in Tamrivena looking to do what he does best, hunt.

Josu came to be in D’mario’s charge after his mother Eliza confessed to D’mario how she be came pregnant. D’mario being a caring man sought to ease Eliza’s suffering by promising to do all he could to for the child and it was then that Eliza revealed that he father was a creature of the night. she swore that she was powerless to resist the creatures wishes and through her tears did not see the horror contort D’mario’s face.

As the end of her confinement drew near, Eliza summoned D’mario and reminded him of his promise. D’mario, unable to undo his words and bound to keep his oath, sought ways to mitigate the horror he knew would be the child.

D’mario made extensive arrangements for the day Eliza was to give birth, even consulting an alchemist to create a potion to bring on her labor. the potion worked and Eliza gave birth to a boy as the sun rose and bathed the room in the glorious light of the sun. shortly after Eliza succumbed to the rigors of such an unnatural birth. A pity ,but no surprise to D’mario.

As Eliza was sent away to have her bastard child, D’mario made arrangements with the sisters of Pharasma tending unwed mothers to raise the child until D’mario could raise the child himself.

For nearly 50 years D’mario hid Josu away from the world fearing that someone would not understand the circumstance of Josu’s birth. The only outside contact Josu had was trusted friends of D’mario. D’mario tried to make up for Josu’s lack of social contact with copious and rigorous education. Josu learned languages, number, geography, and numerous other types of knowledge but none of it had any practical use for Josu.

Religion was another matter. Josu not only learned about religion he prayed long and often, usually with D’mario imploring Pharasma for guidance and blessings. And though he was a fabulous student, Josu could not find the feeling, the spirit, the presence that D’mario was raving about.

As D’mario was approaching his eightieth year he became worried that Josu would fund it difficult if not impossible to survive in the world as he had no idea how to even get food. Over the next few years, always with great secrecy, D’mario searched for a blessed soul to mentor Josu in the ways of the world. Finally, a young but promising knight of Lunae Venatores agreed to help provided that Josu met the basic requirements.

Josu was excited to learn of new teacher, but D’mario was careful to keep the details of the new lessons out of conversations. Try as might Josu could not persuade D’mario to divulge what the new lessons entailed.

One morning the door to his room burst open and a harsh light made it hard to focus on an immense figure approaching his bed. Josu rose to protest but was engulfed by an crushing hand and made helpless to the onslaught of his attacker. Quickly his eyes adjusted and he gazed at a symbol embroidered on the chest of his jailer, a bloody sword under a full moon. Josu recalled the symbol from his studies but pain erased all though from his mind and the hand touching him sent waves of light radiating over his body burning him with an intensity Josu had never felt.

When he awoke, he found he was engulfed not in a hand but by a huge chain wrapping him in such a way that all Josu could do was wait on the floor for the next attack. An argument could be heard outside his door. D’mario was ranting at the top of voice. protesting that this, this torture was inhuman. the reply was a cold mocking laughter, followed by “Neither is that thing in there, but he may be useful.” said the knight in a vulpine voice. Josu soon learned that his attacker was Michael his new teacher. the “testing” continued but was generally less painful.

After days of enduring Michael’s questions and tests, D’amario failed to arrive at breakfast. Josu found him slumped over a tiny writing table, ink spilled across the page, the stub of a candle long cold. it must have been a but short while until Michael found Josu sitting near his dead benefactor, friend, father, Michael’s voice vague but strangely comforting through a haze of thoughts and Michael’s soothing countenance urging Josu to follow him.

at night fall, Josu was at a road side inn, the farthest he had been from the monastery in his 50 years.

Michael explained the arrangement he had with D’mario and for the next year Josu acted as Michael’s page and squire. it seems Josu’s education was useful in managing the day to needs of Michael and his orders mission. though Josu had difficulty making use of his knowledge, Micheal found his knowledge of local customs and geography useful as he went about his mission. Michael also proved to be a capable teacher and Josu found that he had skills the likes of which he suspected D’mario would not have approved. These thoughts did not trouble him much and in fact he found the freedom of Michael’s missions invigorating.

Josu did not grasp the true mission of Lunae Venatores or his role to play for many months. One night Michael came to him and informed him they were going hunting. Josu saddled Michael’s horse and made ready his equipment as was expected and waited patiently for Michael to arrive at the appointed time, patient, for thought and punctuality were prized virtues after all. Michael arrived and immediately began to berate Josu for not being prepared. when Josu protested, Michael fixed him with a look all too well known and softly spoke. " i said “we”."

Josu gasped at his mistake but that would not lessen the punishment that was sure to follow the mission. he raced to prepare his horse and what little gear he possessed. it never occurred to him to question why he, who had no hunting skills was going on the hunt. Josu knew to ask would invite a greater punishment, patience.

Michael revealed the plan as they rode out of the stable. Michael had learned of a suspected vampire in the area and Josu was to be bait, with surprise. Michael gave Josu a chain from around his neck and instructed him in its use. the plan was simple, find the vampire, Josu would approach (by this time Josu was aware of his resemblance to an actual vampire) and use the chain to ensnare the vampire just as Michael had used the chain on Josu when they first met.

The plan worked, much to the relief of Josu and the delight of Michael. They continued to hunt in this way until it was time for Josu to take the orders initiation tests and the end of his first year of service. He passed all but the requirement to receive the deities favor by casting a simple spell. Josu knew from his time with D’mario that it would be hopeless, but to do his best to honor Michael he still took the test. Failure left him without a job, but true to his word Michael had prepared him to enter the world.

Michael had two gifts for Josu. The first, a finely crafted backpack, which contained rations, a bit of gold, and other assorted traveling gear.It took Josu a while to find the hidden pockets, in them was D’mario’s diary written in a personal short hand and a set of fine lock picks). The other was the necklace he had used so often to surprise his prey. Michael said he had earned it and in typical fashion, dismissed Josu into the world with no more adieu.


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