Human Male Aged Alchemist


Human Male
Alchemist : 2

Str : 9
Dex : 14
Con : 13
Int : 19
Wis : 16
Chr : 16

AC : 16 (chain shirt)
HP : 9

Fort : +4
Ref : +4
WIll : +3

Init : + 2

CMB : 0
CMD : 11

Bombs (6 per day. DC : 14)
Attack : + 2
Damage : 1d6 + 4 (5 splash)
Range : 20ft
(within 30ft) + 3 1d6 + 5 (6 splash)

Short Spear
+ 0 1d6 – 1
(with mutagen) + 2 / 1d6 + 1

Appraise : 9
Bluff : 4
Craft (Alchemy) : 10
Diplomacy : 8
Heal : 8
Knowledge (Arcana) : 9
Knowledge(Local) : 9
Knowledge(Nature) : 9
Perception : 7
Spellcraft : 9

Meticilous Concoction

Point Blank Shot
Extra Discovery

Extracts per day : 3

Known Extracts
Level 1
Bombers Eye
Comprehend Languages
Cure Light Wounds
Enlarge Person
Youthful Appearance

Smoke Bomb


Gustav has been around town for a while. He started life as an apprentice alchemist, in the shop he would grow to own. During his 30 years of being a shop owner and family man, Gustav had a pretty comfortable life. He grew to know many people in Tamrivena, thanks to his likable ways. Although he felt he had the talent to be a true magical alchemist, he never pursued it and instead focused on being a family man.

A short time ago, he had planned a family reunion for his 4 children (3 boys and a girl), all of adult age, and his wife. They were to gather at a cabin just a short ride out of Tamrivena. Gustav had to work late that day, and thus was the last to arrive. When he did, he was not greeted with love an affection. He found no trace of his family, except a few drops blood here and there upon the floor of the cabin. Gustav’s life has not been the same since.

Upon returning to Tamrivena, he sold everything and vowed to solve the mystery of his family. At first he hired investigators, but they turned up nothing. He then went at it on his own, until he realized he needed better training. It was then he finally embraced his alchemical talents. After schooling, he returned to his quest. It has been 3 long years and he still has no answers. During his questing, he has found that there are many others that need his help. He has made himself available to them, in hopes to both solve their woes and find his own answers…


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