The Prologue: New Recruits

The Woman in White

The Prologue – Over the past month, Gustav, Ritter, Josu, Falcon, and Ungar have found their way to Tamrivena, the county seat of Canterwall. In that time, they all discovered the tent and wagon village outside the walls of the city inhabited mostly by Varisian outcasts, the Sczarni. During their time there, they all visited the beautiful Madame Greev and each had a Harrow reading, discovering intriguing facts about their future in Ustalav.

Sarenth 20, 4711
After a month of milling about (the party members had still not met one another), they found themselves (and another 6-10 men) in the common room of The Crooked Eye, an “Inn” near the Palestone Tower. A sergeant (Dawso) from the Foreguard watch bursts through the door; “There’ve been some incursions in the Bleakwall; men have been killed and I’m here to get some new recruits!” He groups the customers in the common room into two groups and orders them to get their gear together, “It’s a 30 mile march to the Bleakwall … You five are coming with me!” He points towards the PCs. You travel through farm country and after a day and half of travel (and regaling one another with your histories), you reach a tower on the Bleakwall.

Sarenth 21, 4711
The three men left at the tower, tell of a patrol heading towards Jeriko (a small, walled farming hamlet about 5 miles away) and not returning. Dawso leads the party and three of the Foreguard he brought with him towards Jeriko. The Bleakwall acts as a rough border between Ustalav and Belkzen (a land overrun by orcs). On the way to Jeriko, the group encounters an orc scouting party of about a dozen and dispatches them. One of the city watchmen and Josu are injured badly. Falcon uses his engineering skills to rig up some litters to get the injured to Jeriko. In Jeriko, the injured are taken to a local priest, Delman. Healing Josu is complicated as Gustav explains and Delman prays in hopes of finding the proper way to channel Pharasma’s healing energy to save Josu. Meanwhile the rest of the party investigates the disappearance of Brosk (the Bleakwall veteran that has gone missing).

Their investigation uncovers a series of disappearances that have occurred over the past 25 years; the deaths started about the time a local woman Konstance Greyl killed herself and her children. Local rumor has it that she haunts the road between Jeriko and the farmhouse where she lived. The party spoke with Josef Greyl (Konstance’s widower) and found a room in the local inn (The Weary Traveler) abandoned by a stranger (it would later be discovered the stranger was Josu’s uncle) who had been investigating the local legend. His notes and some interrogation of the locals, pointed the group towards the Greyl’s farmhouse and helped to confirm the local legend … Konstance was in fact a “Woman in White” … betrayed by her husband, she haunts the roads of Jeriko killing other men who have been unfaithful.

Sarenth 22, 4711
After healing Josu, the party talks with a number of locals and begin to investigate the Greyl’s homestead. After nightfall, while investigating the bridge near the Greyl’s farmhouse (where Konstance committed suicide), Gustav is approached by a very fetching Konstance, “Take me home …” Gustav resists her charms and is attacked and nearly killed by a ghoulishly transformed Konstance.

Sarenth 23, 4711
The bulk of the next day is spent investigating the homestead and the surrounding area; her burial site at the farmhouse was apparently salted and burned by Josu’s uncle. While investigating the abandoned farmhouse, the party finds a basin in the upstairs that emanates a strong necromantic aura. After some discussion, the party decides to wait until nightfall and try to lure Konstance into the house. Once Konstance enters the house, water starts gushing out of the basin, and the ghostly forms of two small children appear. They head downstairs, “Mommy, you’ve come to join us.” Konstance and her children are re-united and dissipate.

Each member of the party received 1,000 XP.



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